Facia & Soffit.

All our UPVC fascia boards are manufactured by Eurocell. That means that all the colours offered across our entire roofing accessories range match perfectly With our uPVC Window fames, And we have 8 different colours and finishes to choose from. All our whites are the same, all our wood grain finishes match perfectly. Better still, we offer up to 10 years’ guarantee against cracking and warping. Our fascia boards ARE made from 18mm thick high quality UPVC. That means they are strong and weather-proof, the ideal long-term protection for your roof. Damage from damp can cause a lot of problems, both inside and outside your home. Worst of all, once moisture has found its way in, it can be expensive to put right. Having a reliable guttering system will protect your property from water damage putting it at the top of our home improvements list. Our UPVC water and waste drainage systems do this and more. From our high performance guttering to our channel drainage, all our products have been engineered to offer you long-lasting peace of mind and lots of options to create the beautiful look for your home.