About Our Windows

We provide a wide range of the latest styles of Eurocell UPVC windows in Welling, Kent. All of our windows are bespoke manufactured so you can be certain you will receive the highest quality designs and energy efficient windows. All of our windows have maximum built-in security making your home safe and sound. All of our UPVC windows are internally beaded stopping burglars from removing the panes of glass for easy access. Our products are designed to work with the very latest generation of high security locks tried and tested by the official Police scheme secured by design. Our window frames are available in two different styles, Ovolo and Chamfered.

- The Ovolo frames are classic in design and feature a curve to the frame edge.
- The Chamfered frames are more contemporary in style and feature straight, clean lines.

Both options are available across our entire range of windows, giving you complete flexibility to select your preferred style. You can even mix and match chamfered and ovolo frames to create a unique style all of your own.


Window Styles

We understand that it’s important for your windows to complement your home’s architectural features and your personal sense of style. Depending on your needs, our UPVC casement windows can be either top-hung opening or side-hung and come in a wide range of combinations, sizes and colours. You can choose clean-cut chamfered beading or a more decorative sculpted ovolo finish, with internal or external Georgian bars if they suit your scheme.

Window Colours

Our range of upvc windows are available in a wide selection of colour options including: White, Cream, Lightoak, Rosewood, White Wood grain, Colour Bonded (any RAL colour). You never have to worry about our UPVC windows discolouring as they are specially formulated. This means there will be no unwanted yellow stains appearing in your UPVC windows over time.

10 YEAR Discolouration Guarantee!

Our UPVC windows are specially manufactured to ensure they don’t discolour. As our UPVC windows are made by the same manufacturer, all our whites are exactly the same as well as our wood grain products perfectly matching. Stylish, secure and sustainable, UPVC Windows for every home. Of course, UPVC windows aren’t just there to look pretty. Within our range, you’ll find the highest energy rated windows on the market. Many of our window systems are made from 100% recycled UPVC components, so they’re not just high quality, they’re sustainable too. And for added peace of mind, all of our UPVC windows come with a high security frame with a multi-point locking system.



All our sealed units are bespoke and are made to our customer’s individual order depending on the glass type and size required. Long gone are the days when our standard sealed unit was made with two pieces of 4mm clear float. In today’s energy conscious world and as a result of legislation change sealed units are now made with glass containing highly complex low emissivity coatings. Also advances in the technology of glass have enabled more benefits to be gained from the sealed unit. For example, self cleaning and noise reduction, whichever glass is ordered the two panes are washed in order to remove grease and fingerprints and are then set either side of a spacer bar; the spacer bar generally has the two longest lengths filled with a molecular sieve desiccant to remove moisture trapped in the cavity during manufacturing. This lowers the dew point of the air or gas in the cavity, thus preventing condensation from forming on the inside surface of the sealed unit when the outside glass pane temperature falls. The spacer bar is then sealed on both sides with a primary butyl seal and placed into a press to ensure the primary seal is intact around the whole of the unit’s sides. Most units these days are pressed in a chamber containing argon gas, as opposed to normal air, again to improve the energy efficiency of the sealed unit.

Texture Glass Range

obscure glass.JPG

Decorative Glass Options

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